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COVID-19 Response Fund - Final Days!
$8,058 to reach goal!

Any amount is appreciated. $10, $20 or more. Please give what you can.

We appreciate that this is a challenging time for many and that you may not be able to donate at this time, but if you can, please donate today.

Your support is needed today. Thank you!

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About the Fund

In March COVID19 began to significantly impact our operations. Not only did we have to stop much of what we do to care for the River and nature, but we also saw a loss in funding. We immediately took steps to reduce our costs to weather this challenging time.

At the same time, we modified two of our programs to help in the COVID19 response.

  1. River Assessment Field Team immediately adapted to help meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness that were living in the Riverbed. The San Diego River has historically been a place of a signficant homeless population, often in dense vegetation. Our teams document encampments to provide critical information to public agencies and NGOs to get COVD-19 assistance to these hard to reach areas. With this rapidly moving population, we needed to increase the frequency of our surveys to cover every area along 20+ miles of the River every two weeks. We worked with agencies to be recognized as an "essential service."

    For their safety, we reduced volunteer participation on our survey teams, and therefore, we needed to increase the use of our trained field staff. Agencies like the City of San Diego depend upon this data to direct health care, food support and other services to people living in these encampments. We organized making of face coverings, donations of hygene supplies and even food to provide to our partners. Funding allows this program to continue to provide this vital service. With the funding we have already received, we were able to continue this heightened level of surveys to June 1st. We are working to identify additional funding of $3000 per month to extend this effort at least until September.

  2. Nature Education Program increased online nature education programs to respond to educators requests to provide nature learning experiences to 100s of kids who were at home while schools remained closed. We continue to develop this distance learning effort through the summer.


Our RAFT (River Assessment Field Team)
has been adapted to help public agencies document homeless encampment along 20+ miles of the River and in canyons. As a leading national expert - we can quickly mobilize this program to increase documentation of these encampments so public agencies and social service agencies can contact individuals and provide critical health services and food. For their safety we have reduced the use of volunteers except for a few highly trained ones which means we need to increase the use of our experienced field staff. At the same time, more frequent surveys are needed. In the first week, we increased from two surveys to eight surveys! This is the minimum needed to document sufficiently so all encampments can be reached during this crisis, and we can document the movement of the encampments as well as plan for cleanup activities once we can re-engage volunteers. Do to funding constraints, we had to stop this heightened level on June 1st. As soon as additional funding is identified, we will increase the surveys to provide this critical need.

Our Education program were asked to adapt our field education programs to provide important content for distant learning programs to San Diego area kids (and parents) while kids were required to say at home. Providing nature connections is important during these times. We have expenses associated with making this transition. Staff and volunteers are helping with this transition while they work from their homes.

The COVD-19 Response Fund will be used to support these two initiaves as well as our efforts to continue to be good stewards of the San Diego River and its ecoystem and establishing and maintaining nature connections during these challenging times. We have experienced a loss of some anticipated revenue and donations. As we work through these challenging times, we ask for your assistance. Thanks!

"There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot."
Aldo Leopold

As a 501c3 nonprofit (EIN 01-0565671) we depend upon your generosity. Thank you for considering to make a donation.

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INSTANT IMPACT: Small Amounts = Big Impact

Wildlife Cameras and Critter Cam! Your donation will be doubled!
Two program supporters have offered to match up to a total of $3000 to support this important program. The cameras are used to document badgers, bobcats, mountain lions and other species to manage lands and identify key properties to target for conservation. This will be used to replace funding lost during these economic challenging times to support the program through the end of 2020! .


Use the donate button below to make an online gift and select "Instant Impact" to direct your gift to this and be matched!


  • New River Center at Grant Park Building Fund - Current Phase
    Project is on hold during bird breeding season. Additional funds are needed to keep the project moving forward. If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Rob Hutsel, our CEO at or 619-244-7024.

  • Rebuild our Land Acquisition Fund - Goal is $20,000
    Even during these tragic times, conserving land remains a priority. We need to be ready to act quickly if an undeveloped property in the upper reaches of the River goes on the market for development.
    Read more

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COVID - 19
Response Fund

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June 30, 2020
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