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By donating at least $10, you will become a Friend of the River Park for one year. If you are already a Friend, thank you for "renewing" or making an "additional" gift.

If you prefer, you can also focus a gift on a specific need or program. Since that is a "restricted" gift it will only be used for that purpose. There are always many other opportunities to have an impact so if you don't see something of interest, please contact us and we would love to share some ideas.

INSTANT IMPACT: Small Amount = Big Impact

$325 Battery Powered Auger for Tree Planting and Fence Installation


Several projects are underway or planned that could really benefit from a battery powered auger. These projects are done by volunteers and require digging deep holes to plant cuttings from willows, cottonwoods and other species. The auger can also be used to install protective fences to allow these trees to grow. With a battery, no gasoline is needed. We will purchase an extra battery so that we never run out of power!

Your gift of $10, $20 or more can help support this important work. Thank you!

3/17 6 AM Thank you Terri Johnson, Margaret Payne, Sarah White & David Gray, Kathy Hatch, Susan Richardson, Rae Newman, Liz Giffen, and Chris Forte for your donations!


If you prefer to donate by check, please write in the memo field:
Instant Impact donation.

And mail the check to:
The San Diego River Park Foundation

4891 Pacific Highway, Suite 114
San Diego, CA 92110


Recent Instant Impacts
Thanks to everyone who has recently donated to an Instant Impact! Thanks to you a new power painter, tree pole saw and Toyota truck enhancements can be purchased!

Stanley Cook

Linda Aurora Espino (2)

Carol Gilbertson

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Liz Doroski

Joyce Williams

Tracy Reed
Alexandra Garmon

Janet McLees
Thomas Harrison
Carla Brandon
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Judie Lincer
Brian King
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Dean Ferguson

CAPITAL Projects
and Programs

  • New Grant Park and River Center Fund - Park and Outdoor Learning Center Phase
    Fundraising for the project's "Park" phase is now happening. $3.8 million is needed to complete park and other improvements so we can open the outdoor learning program and start providing programming to 25,000 kids per year ! If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Rob Hutsel, our CEO at or 619-244-7024.

  • Land Preservation Acquisition Fund - $20,000 Goal
    We have identified a few properties that are at risk of being sold, and we want to work to conserve them. With $20,000 in the fund we could approach the owners and start a discussion about conserving their land through acquisition.
    Read more

Trash Free River Campaign

We have teams out 2-3 days a week recording locations of trash in and along the River. We share this data with land owners and agencies to work with them to organize clean-ups and to address sources. We organize our own cleanups 2-3 days per week, too.

Read More



The Campaign for Eagle Peak Ranch
We have acquired and maintain a wonderful valley near Julian. Wildlife is abundant and it is a great place to visit (when COVID19 allows). In the meantime, we have lots of work to do to maintain this 454 acre open space. We are working on restoring a damaged creek, enhancing trails, and making other improvements. We have set a goal of establishing a $100,000 fund to support these activities.

Read More

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Mail in a donation by check to:

The San Diego River Park Foundation
PO Box 80126
San Diego, CA 92138

Please note in the memo field or in a separate note if you would like to direct your donation to a specific program or project. Thank you


As a 501c3 public benefit nonprofit - 100% of your donation will be tax deductible as allowed by law. Our EIN is 01-0565671.

Please call our CEO, Rob Hutsel, at 619-244-7024 to discuss how we can help you meet your philanthropic goals. Thanks!

if you donated to our end of 2020 campaign!

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