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Creating a Better Future for the San Diego River

Today, the San Diego River can be seen as a green ribbon winding its way through steep valleys, agricultural lands, industrial areas, residential developments, and dense urban settings as it journeys from the hills and mountains near Julian and Santa Ysabel to the Pacific Ocean.

Its signature cottonwood and willow trees mark much of its course as it travels approximately 52 miles. It is a river rich in history and of great ecological values. It is the namesake waterway of the San Diego region and uniquely positioned to be the focus of a new thinking about the relationship to nature and the value it has in creating sustainable, high quality life communities.

Our vision is to protect and enhance the River’s valuable natural and cultural resources and encourage communities to embrace this legacy and to celebrate it with the creation of a river-long park system.

The San Diego River Park will offer a variety of opportunities reflecting the communities in which the river is travelling through. It will be a unified system of parks, trails and open space. In some places there will be community plazas, public art and educational facilities and in some a more outdoor-focused experience for trail users and even wilderness opportunities. The green ribbon can serve to connect and unify the local landscape, and serve as a source of local pride for generations to come.

San Diego River Park Conceptual Plan - Read the Plan
The Conceptual Plan was developed through a series of community meetings hosted by The San Diego River Park Foundation. It was finalized in 2002. The River Park Foundation contracted with Cal Poly Pomana's Graduate Landscape Architecture Program to write the Plan after more than a dozen community meetings which were held from Julian to Ocean Beach. The project was made possible by grantst from the State of California and The San Diego Foundaiton.


Regional San Diego River Trail - Learn More

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