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Connect. Create. Conserve.

The San Diego River Park Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of the San Diego River and to creating a better quality of life for our community through the creation of a park system the length of the 52-mile river. Our programs, projects, and events are designed to connect people to our historic San Diego River and empower the community to steward and celebrate it.


We work to connect the community to the River, by creating opportunities for emotional connection–fostering a sense of wonder, a lifelong love of the outdoors, and a stewardship of the River. We do this by hosting special River events, bringing children outdoors, engaging the community, working with volunteers, and more. We specialize in site-based, experiential natural science education, especially for K - 8 students.


We work to create the river-long San Diego River Park and trail system, an emerald ribbon strung with pristine open space, welcoming and safe trails, interpretive facilities, vibrant history, and thriving wildlife for the community to experience and enjoy. We do this through targeted land acquisitions, collaboration, special projects, and other efforts. We also collaborate with a variety of partners. For example, we serve as the founder and chair organization of the San Diego River Coalition


We work to conserve and restore our local environment along the San Diego River and its tributaries through volunteer stewardship programs, land management, monitoring, and research. We also acquire and conserve lands in the source waters for the health of the River, tributaries, and associated ecosystems. We believe that the San Diego River’s ecological, cultural, and recreational resources can be maintained for future generations through dedicated conservation of the land, water, and wildlife.



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