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Wildlife Camera Program

Conserving the Upper Reaches of the Watershed by Documenting Wildlife

Critter cam documented 3 cubs at Eagle Peak Preserve

The Critter Cam program conducts research in remote areas to help guide our land conservation effort. In the above photo, if you look closely you may see three cubs. Our camera documented these cubs over a more than two year period. These photos helped to inform our land acquisition priorities to acquire key properties the cubs mored through.

TARGET: By setting cameras on lands owned by The San Diego River Park Foundation we can better understand where animals, especially large mammals, move. This identifies critical wildlife linkages which are needed for these mammals survival. SDRPF staff guide the program with the support of awesome volunteers.


To date we have recorded 100s of critters including cougar, badger, deer, fox, and bobcat. In 2020 we documented our first ring tailed cat!

Double Your Impact with a Donation!

Great news! Now through June 30th
Every dollar you donate will be matched $ for $
- up to a total of $3000!

This will provide enough funds to support the Critter Cam program for the rest of 2020!
Donations of all amounts are appreciated.

Two supporters have offered to match your gifts!!! They will donate up to a total of $3000.
That will fund this program through the end of 2020 to support staff, supplies and other expenses. With the loss of funding due to the current economic conditions, this will enable the program to continue while new funding opportunities are identified. It costs just over $400 per month to operate this amazing program. As you can see, a donation of $5 or $10 can go along way! You can even make it a monthly gift and that will count X6!



Double your impact today!




Other Donation Options:

Mail a check to

The San Diego River Park Foundation

PO Box 80126
San Diego, CA 92138

Please indicate in memo: Critter Cam Match

We monitor wildlife movement using motion-activated wildlife cameras(our Critter Cams) to capture images of species that walk (and sometimes hop or fly) past our cameras. We have a combination of different cameras and some even are able to send us photos by email!

We have formed a Facebook Group to share these photos. Click Here



We will send you a donation receipt for your records (please provide email or mailing address). Thank you!

Thank you to our Current Camera Sponsors!
Clairemont Times
Everett and LaVerne Neumann (2!)

If we receive another $200 sponsorship, we will be able to get our 5th camera! This will support efforts to document large mammal movement in the Upper San Diego River Watershed.

Special thanks
Chip Owens for all of his support and guidance on this program! Thanks Chip!

Do you have questions about our wildlife cameras program? Contact Chase, by email as our office remains closed.

Current Research: Badgers at South Rim
Field surveys will inform land acquisition in this area. Badgers are considered an important indicator of land bridges for wildlife movement.


Interesting in volunteering on the camera team? You can be the first to see the photos we capture by volunteering to download and sort photos. Contact us for more information by email or by calling (619) 297-7380.


Recent Photos

Bobcat at Eagle Peak Preserve Cougar


Deer at Boulder Creek Preserve Fox at Eagle Peak Ranch

Thank You
to all who donate to this matching opportunity!


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