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SD River - Western 9

San Diego's Nature Playground

Since its founding, the San Diego River Park Foundation has championed the creation of the River Park system from the mountains to the ocean. Different segments of the River Trail and other improvements along the SD River are progressing. The Section from the Pacific Ocean at Dog Beach inland 9 miles is called the "Western 9."


WESTERN 9 - Core Elements

Imagine these parks and places connected with the San Diego River Trail, a multi-use path, and a clean, healthy River - it is all in reach!


  • Parks- all have received at least their major permits! Parks may still need additional design, funding and approvals. Town and Country Park is open.

  • Mutli-use Path - known as the San Diego River Trail - there are 2 gaps in the trail that need to be advanced. The rest are either completed or part of the parks that will be built.

  • Amenities - murals, signs and benches need to be added.


  1. Advocate - Let Mayor Gloria, your City Councilmember, Supervisor Fletcher and other elected officials know you want them to work to complete the Western 9. Calls, emails and other communications are great!
  2. Join the Western 9 Coalition - Send us an email to let us know you, your business, or your organization want to be added to the growing list of members of the Western 9 Coalition. Wewill add you to the list to receive communications about this effort.
  3. Join the Committee - Send Rob, our CEO, an email and let him know you want to be part of the Western 9 Committee. We will be meeting monthly (by ZOOM) and working together to advance key elements. Next meeting will be in March. Working Groups of this committee will be forming to work on different aspects of this effort (you can help set the schedule including weekends and possibly evenings).

Help make the dream happen my making a donation of $20, $50 or more
$40,000 is needed to organize, promote and activate for the Western 9!

Together, we can do this!


Advancement of the the Western 9 is following the City of San Diego's River Park Master Plan and the Adopted Mission Valley Community Plan as well as the San Diego River Park Foundation's San Diego River Conceptual Plan.


The Western 9 is just one section of the planned 52 mile long river park and trail vision.

Link to San Diego River Park Master Plan (City of San Diego Website)



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