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San Diego River Conservation Accomplishments and Successes

Conserved to date by the San Diego River Park Foundation: 2100+ acres
Conserved to date by partners through our advocacy: 2,000+ acres

Santa Ysabel Corridor:

  • White Canyon Preserve: 110 acres
    The White Canyon Preserve is an amazing canyon on Coleman Creek, the tributary that flows from Julian to the San Diego River. This pristine canyon was conserved through a Conservation Easement. The owner of the property, Mr. Jim White, contacted the River Park Foundation to help conserve the creek in perpetuity just as it is. After working on a variety of alternatives, a conservation easement was determined to be the best method. This Preserve is not open to the public, as it is set aside to give wildlife a sanctuary so that this beautiful canyon can remain pristine forever.

Eagle Peak Preserve Conservation Area:

  • Eagle Peak Preserve #1-11: 1120 acres (conserved since 2008)
    In much of the upper San Diego River Gorge where steep 1,000 foot drops to the River are common, wildlife such as deer are limited in where they travel between canyons and valleys. While much of this area is protected within the Cleveland National Forest, there are a few key areas which are privately owned. Eagle Peak Preserve started as an opportunity to strategically acquire a 112 acre property that most people thought was part of the National Forest. Working with the San Diego River Conservancy and the County of San Diego, the River Park Foundation took the lead on conserving this important wildlife area, which also includes 4000+ year old (estimated) cultural sites. The Preserve has been acquired through 11 separate transactions. The keystone for this project was a 204 acre property which was acquired by a Charitable Trust, and subsequently donated to the River Park Foundation.

    Eagle Peak Preserve is considered our Flagship Preserve as it was our first project area. We are continuing to work to expand the preserve to acquire remaining key natural areas such as the Boulder Creek additions and South Rim annex.

    Strategic Partners:
    State of California, San Diego River Conservancy
    The Parker Foundation
    County of San Diego
    The San Diego Foundation
    Thanks to these supporters for making a difference in saving this property...
    A special thanks to the following for their incredible support of this project
    San Diego River Conservancy, State of California Resources Agency
    County of San Diego

    $50,000 or more
    The Parker Foundation

    H. William Kuni Fund at The San Diego Foundation
    The Heller Foundation of San Diego
    Rob Hutsel
    The Nature Conservancy

    Chip Owen
    Hervey Family Fund at the San Diego Foundation
    Tom and Cookie Sudberry
    The Hutsel Family
    Betsy and Lea Rudee
    Janene Colby
    Shelby and Ellery Stahler
    Barb and John Pala
    Kurt Benirschke
    Kevin Burns and Kevin O’Neill
    Ed and Dianne Cramer
    Ensie and Matthias Blume
    Ken Grant and Pat Grant
    Peter St. Clair
    Linda King and Joe Neff
    J. Sterling Hutheson Family
    Marilyn Hutcheson
    The Clint and Kim Williams Family

    Kristi Porter
    DIVERSA Corporation
    Theresa Acerro
    William Ferguson
    Jo Ann Anderson
    Judy Swink
    San Diego Audubon Society
    Kevin Mock
    Margaret Green
    Robin Stark Family Foundation at the San Diego Foundation
    North County Group of the San Diego Chapter Sierra Club
    Willie Grenis and Boy Scouts of America, Troop 500

    Anonymous (several)
    Andrew Kincaid
    Tom Leech
    San Diego Fly Fishers Club
    Glenn Torbett
    Martha Baker
    Cindy Burrascano
    Nancy Vaughn
    Charlie Berwanger
    Patrick Jelsema
    David Kimball
    Sally and Peter Nelson
    Geoffrey Smith and Camille Armstrong
    Matt and Rosie Speno
    Christina and Mark Rivas
    Lois Day
    George and Lucy Franck
    Liz, Jason and Jack Giffen
    Jean Jacobelly
    Jackie Mann in memory of Gillian
    Janie DeCelles
    Mike White and Jerre Stallcup
    Michael Beck
    Lana and Mark Fayman
    Janice Nordenberg
    Brad and Patty Snyder
    Nat Cohen
    David and Norma Little in memory of Craig Little
    In memory of Mrs. Fern Riley

    Up to $100
    Liz Adams
    Paul Kucharczyk
    Bryna Bicknell
    Bob Collins
    Nancy Baer
    Ann Hannon
    Elaine Gates-Miliner
    Lindsay Goodwin
    George Greer
    Gail Hanna
    Robert Carr
    Debra Inman
    Jean Kaiwi
    JoAnn Koppany
    Byron McKinney
    Katharyn Morgan
    Peter Morris
    George Murphy
    Pat Parris
    Rhonda Schwartz
    Dan Silver
    Don Steele
    Ann and Michael Sixtus
    Marie Meadows
    Christine Trigeiro
    Doug and Kathleen Wescott
    Neil Wykes
    Janice and Edward McKalson
    Kevin Flynn
    Cathy and Jim Potter
    Thomas Bauer
    Bill and Arleen Reich
    Robert McDowell
    Sharon Davis
    Therese Juarez
    Home Depot Foundation
    Daniel Conaty
    Anahid Brakke
    Chris and Jamie Burns
    Candy Cowell
    Gary Mitrovich
    Jennifer and Vic White
    Chris Stiehl
    Carolisa Morgan
    Devore Smith
    Paul Whitby
    Joyce Nower
    Christine Robinson
    Jennifer Kalena
    Jennifer Tavernier
    Dan Silver, M.D.
    Julius Robbins III
    McLane Downing
    Marcie Mason
    Nora Jean Smith
    Eric Taylor
    Joel Kalmonson
    Larry Clark
    Rod Kelley
    Thomas Scott II
    Summer Waters
    Employee Matching Gift Program of the San Diego Foundation
    Jennifer Kearns
    Jon Schauble
    Deborah Justin
    Viktoria Vidali and Greetings With Heart
    Patrick Comer
    Terri Foster
    Bonnie Hough
    Deborah Todd
    Marisue Crystal
    Esther Davis

    We sincerely apologize for any errors. Please let us know about any so we can correct them. Thank you!

  • Boulder Creek “Fisherman’s Camp:” 2.35 acres (conserved since 2012)
    Boulder Creek Addition: 11+ acres (conserved since 2012)
    We were asked by the State of California and local trout conservation groups to consider joining with them to protect wild rainbow trout on Boulder Creek. The first piece of property was small but critical to restoration and conservation efforts on this creek. The River Park Foundation with its track record of land conservation was asked to take the lead on acquiring this property which when we visited we saw 11 wild rainbow trout swimming on the stretch of the creek that runs through this property. Wow! We knew that this property had to be protected. It was a perfect place to launch this exciting conservation project. A deal was soon struck with the owner, and we were given 75 days to raise the funds needed to acquire the property. Thanks to the support of more than 100 donors, we raised sufficient funds to conserve this small but critical 2.35 acre property. We also received incredible support from Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center, who helped us secure a 3 year loan for the balance of the funding required. As this acquisition was coming to a conclusion we learned that the 11+ acre property immediately upstream was on the market. Thanks to many donors and two bridge loans, we shortly thereafter completed this acquisition, too!

    We are grateful for our partners for this project:
    San Diego Fly Fishers
    Golden State Flycasters
    San Diego Trout
    Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness Center
    National Forest Service
    Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
    Thanks to these supporters for making a difference in saving this property...
    $10,000 and above
    Golden State Flycasters' Skip Price Memorial Conservation Fund
    $5000 - $9999
    San Diego Fly Fishers
    $1000 - $4999
    Anonymous (several)
    Lea Rudee
    Pat Grant
    Bill & Eileen Stroud Memorial Fund
    San Diego Trout
    Lindy Harshberger
    Alan Grant
    Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians
    Tom Sudberry
    Charlene Price
    $500 - $999
    Darryl and Doug Taylor
    Karen, Rob and Alexandra Fund at The San Diego Foundation
    Nancy Smith
    Ellery Stahler
    Joe Neff & Linda King
    Srinivas Raghavan
    Bill Dahnke

    $100 - $499
    Barbara & John Palan
    Takeda California
    Larry Holt
    Patrick Herrington on behalf of Jim Herrington
    James Hall
    Kathleen Satterfield
    Kathleen & Doug Wescott
    Gary & Laqueta Strawn
    Bud & Gingy Ferguson
    Bonnie Hough
    David Umstot
    Jill and Jerry Hall
    Mark Stuvetraa
    Jack Simes
    Catherine Hansen
    Cary Lowe
    Gary and BJ DeBusschetre
    Jeanette Stevens
    Drew George & Partners
    Margarite Turkle in memory
    of Carol Scotese
    Kevin Burns & Kevin O'Neill
    Michael Solway
    Rob Hutsel & Karen Begin
    Monica Curry
    Kay Stewart
    John Anderson
    Amy Schmitz
    Clint and Kim Williams
    Simon Andrews
    Pat Fishtein & Roland Roberge
    Adam Saling
    H & A Architects and Engineers
    Lucy & George Franck
    Anthony Zielinski
    Janis & Gordon Shackelford
    David Collins
    Jerry Parker
    Virginia Sherwood
    David Kimball
    Qualcomm Charitable Foundation
    Robert Mathers
    Jeremy Tuler
    Bob Stafford
    Diana Shurtleff
    Nancy Nenow
    Bruce and Sandra Michael
    Mark Herrington in honor of Jim Herrington
    Douglas Black
    Christopher Delriego

    Up to $99
    Steve Brotman
    Shannon and Tucker Raymond
    Lance Haynes
    Yvonne Kuhn
    Brian Hartley
    Where's My Bag
    Andrew Heyer
    Vicki Froistad
    Ernie & Robin Smith
    Liz Giffen in memory of Paul Raymond Vasquez
    Judy & John Pilch
    Amy Caterina
    Cindy Chagnon
    Carolyn Barkow
    George and Linda Greer
    Mary Wagner
    Lynne Diamond
    Sally & Peter Nelson
    United Eco-action
    Jerry Hughes
    James Hay
    Cathy Potter
    Network for Good
    Anonymous (several)
    San Diego Watershed Monitoring Group
    Margaret Blessing
    Clark Management Co.
    Thomas Harrison
    Matthew Yanagi
    Carol Telle
    Business Acct.
    Robert McDowell
    Heidi Neff
    Matthew Jones
    Jodi Masumoto
    Spencer Worobec
    Isaac Diaz
    Michael O'Sullivan
    John Gibson
    John Charbonneau
    I. Heng Huang
    Richard Klein
    Bryan Ferkins
    Kyle Archer
    Alexandra Meline
    Cheryl Friday
    Kathleen Roth
    Thomas Oliver
    John Kennedy
    Lisa Haws
    Marty & Cindie Offenhauer
    Jyo & Preeti Purohit
    Penny Bollinger
    Terrance Hanvey
    Cynthia Myers
    Bill Kuni
    Lisa Radnovic
    Richard Carriere
    Nora Jean Smith
    Nadine & Joel Kalmonson
    Patricia Robison
    Sheri Facer
    Davin Henderson
    Claudette Young
    Walt Witzens
    Penny Tolchin
    Kellyn Sanderson
    Tom Leech
    Lore Mayo
    Carol Lamberti
    Jean Kaiwi
    Laurie Gibson
    Debra Erickson
    Bob and Joellen Collins
    Dr. Jim Behrend
    Mona Anderson
    Marian Anderson
    Anonymous (several)

    We sincerely apologize for any errors. Please let us know about any so we can correct them. Thank you!

Peutz Creek Conservation Area:

  • Peutz Creek Preserve: 156 acres (conserved since 2011)
    Chocolate Summit: 152 acres (conserved since 2013)
    Acquired in 2011, 3 properties make up this 156 acre preserve which provides vital habitat for a number of wildlife species. It is part of perhaps the most important and fragile north-south wildlife linkage in San Diego County. Providing stunning views of El Capitan Reservoir and the surrounding landscape, this open land is part of Alpine's heritage. The land also serves to protect water quality of the reservoir, the City of San Diego's largest drinking water reservoir, and provides opportunities for trail connections to the future San Diego River Trail.

    This property was acquired through public grants from the State of California, foundations, and individual donors. In this case, these donations were leveraged more than 10 to 1. That is, for every dollar donated more than $10 was successfully received in grants. We look forward to "getting to know the property" and welcome you to join us at future hikes and service projects. It is part of a regionally significant wildlife linkage to Harbison Canyon and points south.

    Thank you to the partners and supporters of this project:
    The San Diego Foundation
    Back Country Land Trust
    City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department
    County of San Diego
    State of California
    San Diego Mountain Biking Association
    North County Group of the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club
    Allied Climbers of San Diego
    San Diego Fly Fishers
    and many others!!!
    Thanks to these supporters for making a difference in saving this property...
    Allied Climbers of San Diego (2 donations!)
    Cathy Potter
    Marc Reynolds: a supporter of SDMBA
    Howard Lange
    Burnett Family Charitable Foundation
    Karen & Jim Hodson
    Heller Foundation of San Diego
    Cheryl Friday
    Raydene & Peter St. Clair
    Kalen Arreola
    Cindy Collins
    Lea and Betsy Rudee
    Barbara and John Palan
    Allied Climbers of San Diego
    Back Country Land Trust
    San Diego Fly Fishers
    North County Group, San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club San Diego Mountain Biking Association (2 donations!)
    Elizabeth Giffen
    Dr. Phil Pryde
    Ruth Hayward
    BD Biosciences
    Bruce Murray
    Donald Hill
    Rob Hutsel
    Gary DeBusschere
    Clark Management Company
    Sylvia Herman
    Robert Carr
    Jim Christian
    Steven Higgins
    Lana Fayman
    Stephen Haase
    Glenn Goryl
    Roberta Froome
    Anonymous (several)
    Ann & Michael Sixtus
    Anonymous in recognition of Linda D. King
    Nora Jean Smith
    Gloria Satterwhite
    Dan Silver
    Katharyn Morgan
    Kathy & Rex Wharburton
    David Hollander
    Zarohin Razak
    Marc & Leslie Beauchamp
    John & Frances Del Santo
    Joel & Nadine Kalmonson
    Jaime Ortiz
    Jim & Cathy Potter
    Rebecca Reid
    Dan Conaty
    Carrie Schneider
    Annette Goff
    Kellyn Sanderson
    The Clint & Kim Williams Family
    Mark Hammer
    Igor Sfiligoi
    Gary Stephany
    Mark Stadler
    Linda Harshberger
    Tricia Campbell
    Donna Steele
    Chip Owen
    A donation in the name of Jim and Megan McCullough
    Don Steele
    Jerry Parker
    Todd Ruth
    Virginia Hammer
    Andrea Tull
    Scott Wahl
    Jean Kaiwi
    Nancy Smith
    Kathy Farrelly
    Timothy Jara
    The Szabo Family
    Rhonda Schwartz
    Erika Cayton
    Karen Begin
    Jim & Barbara Peugh

    We sincerely apologize for any errors. Please let us know about any so we can correct them. Thank you!

El Cajon Mountain Conservation Area:

  • West Face Preserve: 157 acres (conserved since 2012)
    A'Neal 20 Acres (conserved since 2014)
    Mitigation Site 385 acres
    2 additional acquisitions 40 acres

    Thanks to more than 180 donors and the County of San Diego this incredible property was conserved. Supporters to this project responded to two calls for donation. The first call was for $5000 to secure the right to acquire the property and place the property in escrow on March 27, 2012. The County of San Diego joined in and awarded $200,000 toward the acquisition and a second call for donations raised the remaining funds needed to complete the acquisition.

    Our thanks to the County Board of Supervisors, Parks and Recreation Department and General Services. A special thanks to Director Brian Albright and his staff at Parks & Recreation for working with us on this project and to the property owner for their patience and extra efforts to make it all possible.

    Thanks to all involved, this property, which we call "West Face," was permanently conserved.
    Thanks to these supporters for making a difference in saving this property...
    Shirley Watkins
    Jim & Barb Peugh
    Amy Caterina
    Michael Michaels
    Betty & Steve Ball
    Bill & Arleen Reich
    Erica Gomez
    Lois Day
    Sarah Hutmacher
    Deborah Woodward
    Valley Power Systems, Inc.
    Cynthia Buchner
    Richard Castillo
    Marian Alexander
    Christine Sloan
    Elizabeth Brydolf
    Keli Cadenhead
    James Eliason
    Allied Climbers of San Diego
    Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center
    Lea & Betsy Rudee
    Lindy Harshberger
    Donna Catterick
    Marilyn Gibbs
    Steven Higgins
    Carrie Reynolds
    Marysue Glynn
    Claudia Tedford
    Ted Sledzinski
    Alissa Aldous
    Matthias Blume
    Janet Worthington
    Gail Sabbadini
    Carol Livingston
    Pat Fishtein & Roland Roberge
    David Santistevan
    Jeffrey Paradis
    Rick & Wendy Hardy
    Bridget Rountree
    Sally & Peter Nelson
    Randi Hawkins
    Douglas Coe
    Diana Lorenz
    Eric Saretsky
    Lowell Burnett
    Lisa Schenck
    Constance Chapman
    Randall Moore
    Wildbur Shigehara
    Greg Bishop
    Elizabeth Walker
    Lisa Kiy
    Cynthia Watchorn
    Jyo & Preeti Purohit
    Doreen Bartos
    Vicki Reed
    Kathleen Ellis
    Rupert Burg
    Harlynne Geisler
    Jeff Pasek
    Sandra Angione
    Paul Nelson
    Richard Childers
    Vanessa Cunningham
    Annette Goff
    Mark Wachtler
    Thomas Harrison
    Leann Ortmann & Brian Long
    Bill Maertz
    John Hawley
    Nancy Acevedo
    Reuse Recreate Grow
    Jim Baross
    Peter Barry
    Carolyn Bass
    George & Judith Byram
    Dr. Paul Chace
    Colleen Christensen
    Liz & Mellisa Collins & Family in memory of Leonard A. Newell
    Alan & Joyce Comstock
    Anne Corrigan
    Donald Davis
    Kathy Farrelly
    Bryan Ferkins
    Nora Jean Smith
    Caroline Verba
    Rex & Kathyrn Warburton
    Delle Willett
    Maatje Scherpenisse & Gerardus Kroon
    James Chandler
    Viejas Tribal Government
    Giffen Family in memory of Rita Pavlovna Chetirkin
    Jim Pea
    Don Steele
    Jean Buck
    Kathryn Scott
    Roberta Froome
    Debbi Dodson & Michael Meacham
    Carrie Schneider
    Dolores Osisek
    Gary Mitrovich
    Toca Murakami
    Ryan Slaybaugh
    Saturnino Garcia
    Katharyn Morgan
    Cindy Burrascano
    George Murphy
    Cynthia & Roderick Brown
    Shinene Johnson
    Maddison McFarland
    Carolyn Barkow
    Huy Nguyen
    Erica Schalit
    Lenia Muro
    Peter & Raydene St. Clair
    JoAnne Hutsel
    Mike Pallamary in honor of Paige & Bostyn Pallamary
    Eric Unruh
    Susan & Bill Carter
    Christina Roberts
    Brian Hartley/Hartley Company Insurance Services
    Marty & Cindi Offenhauer
    Robert Self
    Barbara Thompson
    Nita Johnson
    Write It Right
    Laura Turner (3!)
    The Clint and Kim Williams Family
    George Holbrook
    David Urban / Green Man T-Shirts
    Viktoria Vidali
    Ophira & Diana Bergman
    Makrom Shatila
    Susan Brown
    Mark Dodge
    Beverly Brown
    Issac Diaz
    Seema Sueko Hirsch
    Jean Kaiwi
    John & Kathi Kennedy
    Cyrstal Najera
    Vicki Beatty
    Corrine LeCates
    Jessica Nettles
    Paulette & Jerry Begin
    Donna & Lee Campbell
    Debra Inman
    Patrick Jelsema
    Stefan Boehme
    Karen Floyd
    John Anderson
    Joshua Beatty
    Sandra Liflander
    Igor Sfiligoi
    Derek Loranger
    Mohebullah Ahmadi
    Stephanie Gaines
    Rob Hutsel & Karen Begin
    Lucy & George Franck
    James Hall
    Catherine Hansen
    Jim & Karen Hodson
    Armin & Rhea Kuhlman
    Jim & Linda Michael
    Michael O'Sullivan
    Dr. Phil Pryde
    Adam Saling
    Arnie Schoenberg
    Craig Scott & Mark St. John
    Penny Tolchin
    Victoria Touchstone
    Kellyn Sanderson
    Glen & Teresa Bryson
    Kevin Burns & Kevin O-Neill
    Anonymous (several) & 2 anonymous hikers!

    Our tremendous thanks to the Heller Foundation of San Diego who made a grant to support this program and the work needed to identify interested landowners who are interested in selling their land and cost of negotiating and performing due diligence on these acquisitions. Thank you!

    We sincerely apologize for any errors. Please let us know about any so we can correct them. Thank you!

To learn more about our Save the Source program and our ongoing efforts to care for these properties, click here.



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