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Boulder Creek Field Station

Boulder Creek

The Boulder Creek Field Station

The Boulder Creek Field Station is strategically located along an important tributary to the San Diego River, Boulder Creek. Many know this waterway as the creek that forms the magnificent 3 Sisters Waterfall.

Boulder Creek is considered a "cold-water stream" and has historically supported wild rainbow trout. Sedimentation, climate change and other factors may impact the ability of the creek to support wild trout, newts and other wildlife. By studying the creek we can better understand the impact these concerns will have on this and other tributaries of the San Diego River. Data also will inform our restoration and stewardship actions.


Boulder Creek receives water from the highest point in the watershed, the 6512 foor tall Cuyamaca Peak, as well as a number of springs, smaller creeks and streams.

The vision of the Field Station is to support real-time monitoring to document the health of the creek. Monitoring Boulder Creek is used as an important baseline for the watershed and our region.

The Field Station supports research on Calfornia newts and other critters. Recently, we launched an effort to understand bats in the area. The Field Station vision includes installing real-time cameras to monitor wildlife movement and the level of the creek.

The Field Station provides a wonderful remote classroom where research, restoration and fun can all come together.


HELP THE FIELD STATION - COVID has taken its toll

$3600 Is Urgently Needed

With COVID's impact on our volunteer teams and the related reduction in our staff, our Boulder Creek Field Station has been greatly impacted. Roof tiles need to be replaced, our plant nursery needs to be repaired, fallen limbs need to be cleared and more.

We received exciting news that the County of San Diego's Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission has provided a grant to upgrade research equipment at this remote field station. But the COVID impacts need to be addressed first.


To implement these important improvements, we first need to make repairs, and be ready to support the installation of this equipment that will advance understanding of the Boulder Creek ecoystem. The cost of this is $3600.

Your gift of $10, $20 or more can help us raise the remaining funds needed. Thanks!


Site Background and History
In 2012, we were contacted by a local fish conservation group, the San Diego Fly Fishers, about the recent finding that a small population of wild rainbow trout were surviving on Boulder Creek within the San Diego River Watershed. We were asked to get involved with an effort to support the trout, restore the creek and develop a program to survey and monitor how the trout are doing. They also asked us to partner with them to conserve privately owned property that contained this portion of the Creek.

We learned about a key piece of property that was for sale, and when we did a tour we saw 11 rainbow trout. Wow! We knew this property had to be protected. It was a perfect place to launch this exciting conservation project and partnership. A deal was soon struck with the owner, and we were given 75 days to raise the funds needed to acquire the property. Thanks to the support of more than 100 donors, we raised sufficient funds to conserve this small but critical 2.35 acre property. We also received incredible support from Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center, who helped us secure a 3 year loan for the $85,000 of the funding required. During the acquisition, we learned that the property immediately upstream was on the market. This 11 acre property has a drier section of the creek which has been disturbed by fire and subsequent erosion. It was a critical piece where the creek could be restored to support the fish and other wildlife. Thanks to more than 200 donors, we raised more than $20,000. We borrowed $35,000 from two of our supporters and completed the acquisition of this second property in February of 2013. Thanks to our supporters we have paid off both loans.

As funding is available we will continue caring for the restored oak woodlands and riparian stream. We will work to monitor the creek, perform research to advance understanding and management of this important area, and make other improvements. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to Fishermans Camp, please let us know. Thanks.

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$100 and Above

Clint & Kim Williams Family
Theresa Acerro

Gary Mitrovich
Jeannette & Thomas Poling
Charlene Price

$10 - $99

Sherry Ashbaugh
Cindy Burrascano
John Caffrey
Joseph Smith
Rae Newman


Updated: 6/4/2021

Thank you so much to all who are joining in for this effort to improve the Field Station. Please let us know if we made an error on the list so we can correct it.