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Acquisition Alert: 10 Acre Property

Conserving a key property for wildlife
Your gift can be the difference!

Beautiful photo of seasonal wetland
Seasonal wetland on property being acquired. Photo by Mysteri LeMay.

Nov. 28nd, 2020 UPDATE

Just $2565 left to raise to acquire this incredible 10 acre property!

Thank you if you have already donated!

The deadline to raise the funds to purchase the property is December 12th, so we can be ready to close on December 15th.

This is an amazing property

On Nov. 16th we reached agreement on the terms to acquire a 10 acre property in the South Rim Conservation Area. This property is on our high priority list for conservation due to its high biological values. But we need to act fast! The first step was to raise the funds needed to enter escrow including putting a deposit down and other expenses. Thank you to all who responded to our early announcement!

We are working with the realtor and the owner and anticipate having the property in escrow shortly. We will do our property inspections and other tasks before completing the purchase. If all goes well, we hope to close about December 15th. $49,600 is the total cost to acquire these 10 acres and conserve this property forever.

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Do you work for an employer who will match your gift? Please check with them to see. Those funds can go into our Conservation Fund to be ready for a future acquisition!

Donations of all amounts are appreciated. We appreciate that you may not be able to give today, but if you can share this effort with others that would be really helpful! Together we can save this land and protect it!

The property is located off Eagle Peak Road near Julian and Pine Hills.

CLICK HERE for Google Map with location
More items are being prepared to post.
Vegetation Map (PDF)

Bobcat photo Cougar photo Deer image

View of property from the air

More than a decade ago, we identified the importance of conserving open space along and near to Eagle Peak Road. Since then we have completed the acquisition of more than 20 parcels!

We continue to work to complete this acquisition strategy to help conserve and protect this incredible open space. As we acquire property, we have surveyed them. Documentation of American Badger, a California Species of Concern, has highlighted the significance of this area which we now call "Badger Ridge."

Our teams have also documented this area as an important area for the movement of large mammals such as cougar, bobcat, deer and fox. It is important that this largely undeveloped area remains that way. There are also important oak woodlands, native grasslands, seasonal wetlands and other significant habitat types. The area is amazingly beautiful with seasonal wildflowers, scenic vistas for miles and much more.

We recently were contacted by a representative of one of the owners of a 10 acre property who was responding to a letter we had written. After some conversation we were able to come to an agreement about price and prevent the property from going on the market for potential development.


We don't have much time. If you can donate $10, $20 or what you can, please do. If you can let friends or anyone that might be interested in participating in saving this land, that would be really helpful!

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • To donate by mail, click here for a printable form (PDF)
    If you are mailing a donation, please email us with your name and the amount at so we know it is on the way! Thanks.

  • For questions or to donate over the phone call 619-297-7380 M&-F 9 -12PM
  • Our call Rob, our CEO, at 619-244-7024 and he can answer questions or take donation information over the phone.

For donation appreciation opportunities, click here
The San Diego River Park Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit EIN 01-0565671

4891 Pacific Highway, Suite 114
San Diego, CA 92110

Recent visit to area

Outing to area.
Photo by Janet Johnson

    Reasons To Acquire This Land
  • Native Grasslands, seasonal wetland and other important habitat
  • Document wildlife area for cougar, badger, bobcat, deer and other species
  • Expand protected lands owned and managed by San Diego River Park Foundation
  • Adjacent to Cleveland National Forest
  • Scenic Vistas
  • Engelmann Oaks and other important plants
  • Existing old road that can be used as a recreational trail.

    Video for the San Diego River Park Foundation from Jim Karnik Films onVimeo.

    Will you join us? Please consider donating $20 or more.

You can also join us on a future hike or outing to the area. Contact us via email to let us know of your interest.


$5 - $99: Receive an invitation to next open house and be listed on this website (if desired). As pandemic allows...

$100 - $499: Receive recognition at the Property Dedication Event.

$500 - $999 Be recognized on a bench to be located at the property (remote and not accessible by vehicle).

$1000 - $4999: Be recognized on the property dedication sign to be located at Eagle Peak Ranch plus on the website (if desired) and open house invitation as well as invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

$5000+: Receive prominent recognition on the Dedication Sign to be located at Eagle Peak Ranch plus this website (if desired) and open house invitation and an invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

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Happy Trails for now and forever!


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Your donation of $20, $40 or more can make a difference in protecting these lands!
Donate Now

For more information on any of these projects or other ways to get involved, contact our CEO Rob Hutsel or call (619) 297-7380.

Thank you for your donations


$1000 and Above
Wildlife Club
Pam Fair
Bill Dahnke
Chip Owen
Mike Schneider
Robert Mazalewski
Simon Andrews
Shankar Shivappa
Bicycle Birder

$500 - $999
Patricia Walsh
Glenn Torbett
Cynthia Irmer &
Bruce Englebert

$100 - $499
Vickie Church
Beth Callender
Derek Loranger
Julie Hocking
Mike Kelly
James Hylton
Gayla Ludlum
Liz Doroski
Linda Espino
Dana Ortega
Alissa Gabriel
Lindy Harshberger
Mollie Martinek
Hewlett Properties
William Marsh
Cundy Burrascano
Dave Hogan
Margaret McCann
Nancy Bryson
Jeremy Tuler
Kim Liu
Elizabeth Devin
Gary Mitrovich
Russ Lail
Glenn Little
Greg Schuett
William Graham
Joyce Karel
Doug Coe
Theresa Acerro
Master Gardener Association of SD County
Larry Zimmerman
Sally Trnka
M.D. McKirnan
Erika Lawson
Cathy& Jim Potter
Jean Hemingway
Michael Menefee
Tama Becker-Varano
Leon Derczynski
Jeanne Brown
Terri Johnson
Jim Marixh
Gail & Ken Sparhawk
Mysteri LeMay


Up to $99
Creator's Rep / Marti Krane
Rob Hutsel
Rebecca Neary
Heidi Pedersen
Isabella Lopez-Powers
Rolling Hills Ranch
Marci Morgan
JoAnne Hutsel
Susie Murphy
Brittany Idrizaj
Carolyn Plou
Daniel Ogas
Jacueline Bergseid
Eugene Fosnight
Barbara Morton
Cary Lowe
Anne Elliott
Angel Massingale
Richard Aguilera
Jodie Hulden
Michael Lysik
Maria Middlebrook
Rae Newman
Victor Flake
Cindy Scheevel
Jennifer Mallory
Paskal Akgul
Marie Freitas
Lois & Lee Fetzer
Jeanette Stevens
Margaret Sohn
Kristin Carter
Brian Hartley
Tom Leech
Sophia Frost
Megan Spencer
Bob Self


This includes pledges

Updated: 8:20AM 11/26

Please let us know of any errors in your listing so we can correct them. Thanks!

Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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